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Find us:Plot#2, Block-1, Huma Town, Next To Pakistan Security Printing Press, Malir Karachi.

In this space of age and technology, we make sure that our students are well ahead of time when learning in concerned. PAK ASKARI EDUCATION SYSTEM (PAES) enhances the abilities of young kids by making robotics fun and an exciting reality. Kids will think, act and develop robots which will brings innovation and stimulate their brain cells in a way no other activity or training can guarantee. We will take kids to the next level of entertainment with a roller coaster ride in the arena of robotics.

We have our own STEM learning kits, and a wide platform to engage children with the next generation tools, kits and resources. Our robotics and computer lab is fully equipped with all the required material, from toy robots to more advanced kits, you’re surely find something to accommodate any age group.

We are offering special Saturday classes for non-regular students, where they can enhance their learning abilities by stimulating their brain cell towards technology. Range of courses will be offered to students according to their age groups and after completing their required credit hours. On completion of course, a certificate will be issued.


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