Every child has its own individuality and uniqueness. You can never compare a child with other child because they cannot be alike. They are different physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. Children of different ages have different needs and characteristics, so they must be understood by their teachers in their unique way. When children feel closely connected to the teachers around them, they are naturally, good, loving, and co-operative. They don’t actually want to make our lives difficult. They want to get on well with us and co-operate with daily tasks. But sometimes their feelings get in the way. When children experience stress or upset, they can no longer feel that sense of close connection.

Children are meant to be discovered. Believe it or not, toddlers are not completely irrational beings. At times it is very difficult to understand what a child needs and it gets tricky to resolve this RIDDLE. We think and come up with many guesses and ideas that might solve their needs. When these RIDDLES get resolved, these shining stars are seen with giggles, while sharing their precious smiles and laughs with us from peek-a-boo to cheerful games and activities. At PAK ASKARI EDUCATION SYSTEM (PAES), we'll teach children how to coax out the GIGGLES, because it’s not about you; it’s not about me, ITS ABOUT US.

“Her giggle was a stone bouncing across a glossy lake,
creating ripples of mirth where there had been none”

(By Angela Abraham)

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