PAK ASKARI EDUCATION SYSTEM (PAES) is a project of modern advancement of Teaching-learning process through modern and integrated curriculum. We are not only working on early child development (ECD) while also promoting activity based learning and youth empowerment. We believe, to give better training/counseling on these stages is very important to make the one’s goals achievable. We are not believing to give only EDUCATION but it has to be “QUALITATIVE EDUCATION”.PAK ASKARI EDUCATION SYSTEM is having clear focus on early characterization of child through modern technologies and pedagogies, simultaneously the building and grooming of youth development.

Currently, we are running two campuses
Riddles & Giggles Montessori (Malir Campus)
PAK ASKARI Intermediate & DAE College (Korangi Campus)

Our both campuses are different of each other but in a state of the art campus equipped with latest technology for our students and keeping the needs of 21st Century. The services which we are providing here to facilitate the people are as under mentioned:

• Air-Conditioned Classrooms
• Montessori trained directresses
• Robotics
• CCTV cameras
• Music Classes
• Art Club
• Audio Visual Classes
• Stand by Generators
• Indoor and Garden play Area

As there is a dire need to prove ourselves in the practical lives. So, Apart from the typical curriculum PAK ASKARI EDUCATION SYSTEM (PAES) especially have arranged ROBOTICS CLASSES for the students who have or haven’t registered themselves in our school, through which students are better able to utilize their mind to create physical structures with the blocks in a practical situation. By putting those in a practical situation they would be able to work through instructions in a fun loving environment which helps them move forward.

Our Pak Askari Intermediate College wing where we are providing (High School) education intermediate science (pre- engineering, pre- medical) I.Com (intermediate –commerce) I.CS (intermediate –Computer Sciences). Additionally we offered diploma courses in several technologies for better professional career. Following are the services being providing by us.
• Experienced Faculty.
• Fully furnished classrooms.
• Chemistry lab having modern equipment.
• Physics lab.
• Biology lab.
• Electrical and computer lab.
• Conference room.
• Modern Library.

Apart from academics we are providing other facilities which helps to train and enhance the hidden abilities of an individual to move forward in their career. All these services are free of cost because our priority is to bring revolution in the society:
• Free career counseling.
• Lectures can be viewed on
• Notes will be provided on web portal.
• Help to gain the opportunity to go abroad.
• Free English Language classes.
• Free assistance from teachers on Saturday.

We are doing the best to put our efforts to attain good grades and bring some positive changes in society through the power of EDUCATION.