Most of the intermediate students are young and they have hard time to decide which direction to go. PAES have qualified people who can talk to them and help them make up their mind of the career that they want to choose.

The selection of career is very important because some students select the wrong career and later for their life time they regret or some students are forced by their parents to pick a certain major which they don’t.

PAES assures you after talking to our expert counseling team you will pick the major and career that will give you success in the future.


PAES helps the students who are willing to go abroad for their better future and good quality of education. Our team can help you pick the right country and right university. We will get your admission in a university that you require, plus we will help you out with how to pass through the interview to get the visa. Very small charges are charged for those services.


For our intermediate (first year and second year) students we are making an effort to get the best grades so they can smoothly get admission in their required colleges.

There is a huge number of students who sometimes does not understand the lecture in the classroom they have to listen to it again and again.

PAES is an education system that keeps the needs of students in mind and the resources that are available to the students in 21st century.

PAES has a channel on where all the lectures are uploaded and students can go to the you tube website and listen to the lectures that they did not understand .The students can listen to the lectures as many times as they want until they get grasp of the topic.

For student convenience and for their comfort we will give them notes of the year for all subjects on CD’s set will be provided to the students so they can in their pare time study from it and prepare them for the examination. The CD of all courses will cost Rs 500/- .

It will contain quality notes from our lecturer that will guarantee the students a good grade and high percentage.


PAES wants the students to get the best marks and it’s not possible to get good marks without being proficient in English. We care for our students and offer free English language classes for those who are serious about their future the classes are free of cost.

English is an international language and it is required for all the students who wants to get a good career job in Pakistan or wants to study abroad.

Even in Pakistan employers hire the graduates who are proficient in spoken and written English. Our experts will make sure that you get good grasp of English for your future and present goals.

I assure you that even after first session you will feel a lot more confident to learn more not for our sake but for your win bright future.


PAES offer IELTS for students and people who wants to either migrate or students who wants to study abroad .The international requirement for most of the universities is to get at least 7 Bands at the same time its same for people who are willing to migrate.

PAES with the help of our experts will train you in a manner that will be easy for you to grasp and you can achieve your required results.


English language is not just important for Pakistan to excel and move your career forward but also its an important language for people applying for jobs abroad.

We have designed a program for working professionals but they are not getting promotions with all their experience due to lack of English written and spoken skills.

Professions such as Receptionist, Sales executives, Marketing executives, Nurses, doctors engineers and many other profession can contact us and improve our “ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSE” Program.

The specialty of this program is that it will teach you not just the general English but also will teach you language that is used in your profession.


The students of PAES are important to us and we want to help them out in every possible way. For this purpose we have assigned our faculty to come to the college on Saturday and help the students who did not attend the class or did not understand the lecture. Students are welcome to come to the college on Saturday and take full advantage of this opportunity and our faculty will cooperate with you to clear your concept.


PAES also offer the services to train the teachers of school, college and universities so they can deliver the lecture and have a clear understanding of 21st century teaching methodologies.

Its 21st century, the students have changed and you have to tackle each student according to its need .Conventional teaching methodology is a story of the past and is not successful anymore.

The school, colleges and universities needs to contact us to train their faculty members train according to 21st century needs.